Spiritual Dream Dictionary

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    Table of Contents

    • How to Use this Platform

    • Introduction

    • How to Use the Dictionary

    • Basic Symbols Chart

    • A-Symbols

    • B-Symbols

    • C-Symbols

    • Color Chart

    • D-Symbols

    • E-Symbols

    • F-Symbols

    • G-Symbols

    • H-Symbols

    • I-Symbols

    • J-Symbols

    • K-Symbols

    • L-Symbols

    • M-Symbols

    • N-Symbols

    • Numbers

    • O-Symbols

    • P-Symbols

    • Q-R-Symbols

    • S-Symbols

    • T-Symbols

    • U-Symbols

    • V-Symbols

    • W-Symbols

    • Y-Symbols

    • Z-Symbols

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    • 1 - AA Rafael - Eastern Gate - Spring

    • 2 - AA Uriel - Northern Gate - Summer

    • 3 - AA Michael - Western Gate - Autumn

    • 4 - AA Gabriel - Southern Gate - Winter

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    • Moon Phase Calendar

    • Solar, Lunar, and Weekly Dream Influences

    • Planetary/Solar Influences

    • Lunar Initiatory Processes

Learn to Master Your Dreams and Visions

using a rEvolutionary Spiritual System

Cosmic Dream Weaver

Son'Yah (A.R.Kaiser)

Son’Yah is a Cosmic Dream Weaver. She was prepared through lifetimes of initiation, as well as fifty years of cumulative training and experience to bring you this level of Dream Mastery.

What is Cosmic Dream Weaving you might ask? The root of Cosmic Dream Weaving occurs within a crystalline matrix. This matrix is actively created as you ascend the ladder of consciousness. It’s like a river of knowledge, except in crystalline form. It holds the key to opening the Galaxy Gate to the cosmos and to your true identity.

Cosmic Dream Weaving is designed to blend the soul’s incarnational memory into the Now for full mastery and consciousness of all your lifestreams.

By approaching the dream from both sides, the walls will come tumbling down, revealing the mythological stories you have created and ultimately the blueprints of your creations. From here, true mastery can be achieved as you begins to create in full consciousness from the Christ Mind.