Christ Codes 3-6-9 Quantum Healing System for Body-Mind Mastery

Includes 17-Activation Mantras, 2-Clearing Yantras, 17-Embodiment DNA Codes with Instructions, Audios & PDF Printouts. Access to a FREE Monthly Christ Healing Circle

  • 1


    • Important Message from Divine Mother

    • Follow Your Heart

    • How to Use this Course

    • 𓂀 What are the Christ Codes

    • 𓋹 Are You Ready

    • Welcome to the Christ Codes 3-6-9 Healing System

    • Donations Accepted

  • 2


    • Down the Rabbit Hole

    • The Work

    • Diamond Light Language

    • The Power of the Christ Codes

  • 3

    Light Body Activations

    • Introducing the Christ Codes

    • Benefits of Using the Mantra

    • The Christ Code Mantra

    • Next Steps

  • 4

    Cellular DNA Activations

    • Introducing the Christ DNA Codes

    • Next steps

  • 5

    Chakra Alignment & Activations

    • Introducing the Chakra Codes

    • Chakra Scale Presentation

    • Christ Code Activation Meditation

    • Meditation with the Chakra DNA Codes

    • Next-Level Healing Empowerment

Your Quantum Healing Guide

Quantum Alchemist

Son'Yah (A.R.Kaiser)

Son'Yah was prepared through lifetimes of initiation, as well as forty-four (44) years of cumulative training and experience to bring you this level of Healing Empowerment.

From a lifetime of pain, suffering, and chronic illness, she continually sought answers which led her down many paths. These included studies in numerous Spiritual and Native Traditions, Spiritual Psychology, and Energy Medicine.

Over the last twenty years she has worked with the Ascended Masters of various Lineages, the Tribal Brotherhood, and the Archangels.

Son'Yah is also the Author of Journey Through the Sol, a Rite of Passage to Spiritual Awakening, which explores her soul's mythological journey through dreams, visions and solar initiations into Sophia Christ Consciousness.


Scot K.